As part of the SIAMS+ day, on 5th May 2021, Florian Serex, MicroLean Lab partnerships and development manager, will give a presentation entitled “From automation to autonomization”. He will then participate, with several manufacturers, in a round table on the theme “Automation and robotics”. The manufacture of a complex successful product requires the mastery, by specialized professionals, of many technological blocks, automated or not. The autonomization of these technological blocks allows a single person, with an adequate training, to manage the successive processes leading to the products requested by the customer. The complexity of know-how is integrated into successive technological blocks. Such an organization makes it possible to consider the relocation of manufacturing.

The MicroLean Lab will also be presented on 5th May 2021, by Max Monti, HE-Arc Ingénierie partnerships and development manager, as part of a webinar organized by the Swiss Business Hub Italy on the theme ” Industria 4.0: le opportunità offerte dalla Svizzera alle imprese del manufacturing ”.

Finally, on 19th May 2021, Florian Serex will present the MicroLean Lab as part of the first edition of INNOTEQ.DIGITAL, a platform dedicated to the MEM and manufacturing industry in Switzerland.

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