As alarm bells are rung about climate change, more and more people are waking up to the environmental challenges we face. The current generation were born with smartphones in their hands and are no strangers to “Fab Labs” – open places where they can fabricate their own products on demand and thwart planned obsolescence. The MicroLean Lab must take into account the trends embodied by this generation and view these challenges and generational changes as opportunities for societal evolution.

The Micro5 has demonstrated that the same quality and productivity can be achieved for high-added-value, micro-engineered parts while consuming 10 times less energy, on a floor area that is 5 times smaller, and with production being located close to the end user. This avoids the globalised logistics that are sometimes close to absurd and that consume energy throughout the supply chain.

The Haute Ecole Arc Ingénierie is keen to train its future engineers in eco-friendly concepts while bearing in mind the economic aspects that act in favour of Swiss industry. These concepts will be promoted by the MicroLean Lab as part of its vision for mindful, sustainable industry.

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